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 Vcall - Podcasting
What is a PodCast?
A Podcast can be thought of as an Audio Magazine subscription. A special software program, called a Desktop Aggregator or "podcatcher", regularly checks Podcast "feeds" that you have subscribed to and downloads any updated "chapters" for later playback. It can also synchronise these audio files with a portable music player such as an iPodŽ or MP3 player for playback on the move.
Why is it different to a Webcast or a Broadcast?
Podcasts are, to use a current buzz-word, time shifted, that is to say that the user has control over when they listen to the recording. Podcasts can also include tags that describe their content, such as dates and content descriptions making it easy to sort and filter the information you are interested in.
How do I listen to a Podcast?
You need to download and install a podcast "Desktop Aggregator" or "podcatcher" these are generally free. Examples include:

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