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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I am trying to listen to a call but my stream keeps stopping!"

A: You are receiving the multimedia associated with this event over the Internet. The multimedia may be audio, video, slides, or a combination of these media types.

If you are experiencing “buffering”, that means the multimedia signal is encountering delays somewhere along the transmission path between the media source and your computer or that you are overworking your computer. This is a normal occurrence related to streaming multimedia and you do not need to re-start the event. Your computer and associated software will manage “buffering” and you will not miss or lose any of the event's media content.

In some cases, your media player may stop. If this occurs, simply click the “play” button on your media player. You do not need to close the window and start over. In this case, you may miss a portion of the event.


Q: "When I am viewing the company page and click on the link to listen to the call, nothing happens!?"

A: Check to see if the link is active (it should be colored and underlined, and when you point your mouse over it, the pointer turns into a hand).

  • If the link is not-active (none of the above) click REFRESH or RELOAD on your browser. Also, please note the start time of the call. The link is usually made active about 15 mins to the start time of the call.

Q: "I am unable to Login/Register?"

A: You probably have "Accept all Cookies" turned off. Click here for directions on how to turn your cookies on.

Q: "When I am listening to a call, the audio is garbled and/or breaks up?"

A: Try re-connecting to your ISP to get a better connect rate. There might be congestion on the line. Sometimes the connection between your ISP and the audio server is just slow. You may have to try again at a later time.

Q: "The volume is really low and I can't hear the call."

A: On Windows 95/98/XP/2003 - Click on the Speaker Icon in your System Tray (usually on the bottom right of your desktop next to the clock) and adjust the volume. Turn up the master and WAV volume and make sure neither one are on mute. Also if your speakers have separate volume controls, adjust the volume on your speakers.

Q: "What is the phone number to access the conference call?"

A: Vcall does not provide telephone access to conference calls. Vcall is an online service and only provides audio through the Internet.

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